Best Microwave Oven Under 8000, 10000 & 12000 in India 2020

In the world of home appliances, a Microwave oven is one of the most common essential equipment in any modern kitchen. They provide a huge help in baking and cooking with the obvious standing out feature of quickly heating food too. This said with tons of options out there it might be pretty overwhelming to choose from.

In this article, we have listed 8 best microwave oven priced under 8000, 10000, and 12000 from various top brands. The capacity of these ovens varies from 20L to 25L making it suitable for a family of 3-4 members. However, if your requirements are slightly more than what 25L can offer, then going with high capacity microwave ovens is recommended.

List of Best Affordable Microwave Ovens

In order to make choosing a microwave oven for you a little easier, we have selected the top 8 options that we feel you could highly consider buying. We have considered things like the number of people using the oven which will decide the capacity of the Oven in terms of liters required for the usage.

Then we have also considered multiple other factors such as user experience and features too. With that said now let’s take a look at the list of best affordable microwave ovens one by one.

1. Whirlpool 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

Image of best microwave under 8k from Whirlpool

This Microwave Oven from Whirlpool is a great option to consider if you are on the looks for a microwave.

Featuring a pretty decent 20L capacity the microwave will be more than enough to meet your daily needs. This capacity will very easily serve a family of 2 to 3 members. The size is ideal too and will fit anywhere from the kitchen to your dining room too.

The magnetron which powers this microwave oven is an 800W one. Thanks to this you will get even heating delivered to your food while cooking.

The 800W magnetron is great for a 20L capacity Microwave Oven.

The Microwave oven comes with a massive 118 Auto cook menus. Choosing from a variety as wide as that gives you tons of flexibility while cooking. The inclusion of a stainless steel cavity further increases the chance of uniform heating too.

The feather touch membrane is a nice touch for controlling the settings too. The Magic menu included brings 6 Pre-programmed menus ensuring quick meals. Another great feature onboard is the inclusion of 10 power level settings which will further help you with your cooking.

All in all with preheating function for ideal baking. A starter kit to help you begin cooking with the microwave oven. Zero Oil cooking for healthy and tasty cooking. This offering from Whirlpool will not let you down and is arguably one of the best microwave oven under 8000 in India.

Pros and Cons of 20L Whirlpool Microwave Oven

6 pre-programmed magic menus allow for meals to be prepared quicklyThe control panel cannot be seen in the dark
The microwave oven comes with a beautiful floral pattern which adds to the aesthetics of the product
The 10 power level helps greatly with the user experience

2. LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

Image of best microwave oven under 8000 from LG

Looking for a Microwave oven that could serve a family of 2 to 3 members. Then this microwave oven from LG definitely worth considering.

This offering from LG is a 20L microwave oven which as mentioned before will be more than enough for a family of up to 3 members. The capacity of the microwave oven is great for placing it in almost anyplace in your house without occupying tons of space.

With a magnetron drawing 700W of power this microwave oven will be sufficient for almost every dish that you cook in it. LG has also included what they like calling Intellowave technology. Thanks to this you get faster and healthier cooking with tons of ease.

The microwave oven is further equipped with 52 autocook menus which will assist you with your cooking. The inclusion of a concealed quartz heater not only makes this one of the best grill ovens under a price of 10K but also ensures that your fast cooking gets safety too.

Finally with an anti-bacterial coating avoiding both odor and bacteria growth. Heat retention from food till up to 90 minutes and a minimal looking aesthetics this microwave oven will not disappoint you.

Pros and Cons of 20L LG Microwave Oven

The 90 minutes heat retention is a great touchThe magnetron is slightly under powered at 700W
The quartz heater ensures safe usage of the product
Intellowave technology delivers faster and healthier cooking

3. Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven

Image of best microwave oven from Samsung

Requirements are just a little more than what 20L can offer. The Samsung microwave oven is a great option to consider and is probably one of the best affordable microwave ovens in its class.

Featuring a 21L capacity the Samsung oven can serve easily up to 4 members very easily. The microwave oven with a stealth black paint job and a pretty standard form factor will easily blend into your kitchen or dining hall very easily.

The magnetron used onboard is a pretty powerful one. It’s rated at 1200W and will pretty easily be more than enough for the dishes that you cook. This is also probably one of the most powerful yet affordable microwave ovens with convection out there. The microwave oven features what Samsung likes to call TDS or Triple Distribution System. Thanks to this the microwaves are distributed much evenly and your food is also cooked fast.

The oven uses a ceramic oven cavity. This ensures three things. One, you get far superior scratch and rust resistance. Two, the cleanup is much easier. Three, you get up to 99.9% bacterial protection.

The ceramic cavity offers multiple advantages like superior rust and scratch resistance and much easier cleanup

Finally, the 6 power level is a great touch and will come in handy while cooking. The power defrost features is great for quickly warming up food that comes out of the fridge. And the intuitive control panel delivers a great user experience and makes this one of the best microwave ovens under 10000 in India.

Pros and Cons of 21L Samsung Microwave Oven

The TDS used onboard is a great feature that helps with even cookingThe aesthetics although stealthy is a little too plain
The ceramic cavity used delivers easy cleanup, longer lifecycle, and bacterial resistance
The 1200W magnetron delivers even and fast cooking

4. LG 21 L Convection Microwave Oven

Image of LG 21L Microwave Oven

This LG microwave oven is a great option for people who are looking out for a 21L microwave oven with decent features. This offering from LG will easily serve a family of up to 4 members.

LG has used an 800W magnetron with this offering of theirs. This enables a pretty decent cooking experience and you will not be disappointed. Another great addition onboard is the use of a quartz heater. Thanks to this any sort of hand injury is eliminated delivering safe and secure user experience.

The cavity used onboard is a stainless steel one and enables for better reflection and promotes uniform heating for better cooking. The microwave oven is also capable of heat retention of food till up to 90 minutes. This is a really neat feature and you will enjoy using it.

The microwave also comes with a massive 151 autocook menus. This means you can cook new dishes almost every day and not get bored. Another great feature that LG has added onboard is the use of the Health Plus menu. This is a dedicated menu that was designed keeping healthy and calorie-conscious people in mind.  

Finally with an active floral pattern that dramatically enhances the aesthetics of the microwave oven. The features onboard also make this oven an affordable all in one microwave oven in India. We can assure you that this offering from LG will not disappoint you.

Overall, this is a fully loaded microwave oven from LG and our favorite on this list as well.

Pros and Cons of 21L LG Microwave Oven

The heat retention of food up to 90 minutes is greatThe magnetron used is under powered at 800W
The Quartz heater ensures safe usage
151 auto cook menu is great for foodies to experiment with

5. Panasonic 23L Convection Microwave Oven

Image of Panasonic 23L Microwave Oven

Want something more than a 20 or even aq 21L microwave oven this oven from Panasonic is definitely worth looking at.

As the name suggests this is a 23L microwave oven. The capacity is pretty huge and will very easily serve a family of up to 5 members very easily. The size of the oven although larger than your usual 20L ovens can still be placed into most of the places in the house.

The magnetron used on this Panasonic microwave oven is an 800W one and you will be able to cook most of your meals in it. Panasonic has included onboard what they like to call 360o heat wrap technology. This technology makes use of advanced heatwave ducts for distributing microwaves uniformly in 360o. This also makes this Panasonic oven one of the very few affordable 23 liters microwave oven with this technology.

This microwave oven also comes with 61 Auto cook menus. Thanks to this you can cook a variety of different recipes. You can have Dhoklas for snacks, fish fry for the main course and apple pie for dessert.

Further functions like re-heat, defrost and a very informative yet simple control panel make the Panasonic microwave oven a joy to use.

Pros and Cons of this 23L Panasonic Microwave Oven

The capacity of 23L is great for cooking a lot of meals at one goThe aesthetics of the machine is very plain looking
The 61 Auto cook menus help greatly with cookingThe use of a more powerful magnetron would have been better for faster cooking
The 360o heat wrap technology helps with even cooking

6. Bosch 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

Image of Best Convection Microwave Oven from Bosch

Looking for a 23L microwave oven then this offering from Bosch should definitely be on your list.

If you have a family of about 5 members the 23L capacity of this microwave oven will be more than sufficient for cooking. Plus the size of the microwave oven is definitely larger than your usual 20L or even smaller ovens but is not huge by any means.

The maximum power that the magnetron used on this microwave oven is a 900W one and will be pretty decent for most of the cooking you do. Bosch has also included a roller ring. Thanks to the design of this and itas inclusion you get an even distribution of heat. This makes the oven one of the most affordable 23-liter microwave oven with convection and you will enjoy using it.

The safety door that Bosch has used is completely shielded from the leaks of any microwave. The oven automatically stops when it is opened even the slightest ensure user safety.

Apart from the aforementioned features the oven also features 121 automatic cooking programs. This delivers great flexibility to both cooking enthusiasts and foodies alike.

121 automatic cooking program is a great feature for a 23L microwave oven

A very neat function which bosch has included onboard is the use of a rotating knob to regulate through the different settings on the control panel. All in all with a very stylish look and a balance of feature and function this offering from Bosch is a great option to consider and will not disappoint you for your search of the best affordable microwave ovens out there.

Pros and Cons of this 23L Bosch Microwave Oven

121 automatic cooking programs are a great touch for ease of cookingThe magnetron used is Slightly underpowered at 900W
The rotating knob adds greatly to both the function and aesthetics of the product
The rolling ring distributes heat evenly and delivers uniform cooking

7. Bajaj 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

Image of Bajaj Microwave Oven

Have a pretty large family of about 6 members then considering the Bajaj microwave would be a great option.This microwave from bajaj has a 25L capacity and will be more than enough for most of the cooking you do at home. The size although pretty large will sit just fine in your kitchen or dining room.

The microwave oven comes with an extreemly powerful 1300W magnetron. This results in the cooking of  almost any sort of food in your home. Thanks to the autocook menu you can now preset desired temperature and timimng depending on the cooking requirement.

The bajaj microwave oven also comes with multiple power levels. This is a feature which will come in handy while cooking depending on the cooking requirements that you have.The control panel on the oven is completely electronic baring the jog dial which baja has included onbord thanks to which you can easily navigate through the settings.

All in all with a pretty stylish and modern looking aesthetics and an experience which is very decent you will enjoy using this oven through and through.

Pros and Cons of this 25L Bajaj Microwave Oven

The 1300W magnetron is very powerful and is great for cookingThe 5 heat cooking levels a little less considering it has a 1300W magnetron
The jog dial is a neat addition helping with navigation
The silver and black paintjob adds to the aesthetics of the oven

8. IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

Image of Best IFB Microwave Oven under 12000

Looking for one of the best affordable microwave ovens that could serve a family of up to 6 members or 6 bachelors living together in a PG.

This IFB microwave oven is simply put, powerful. From the 1400W magnetron which powers the oven to the massive 25L of cooking capacity. The 1400W very easily can cook any dish that you wish to cook in it. The 25L capacity means that you could cook a lot at one go.

One of the most powerful 25L microwave oven with a 1400W magnetron

One of the very neat features which is there onboard is the use of what IFB likes calling combi Tech. Thanks to this feature the oven is capable of combining both the microwave and the grill feature to give you delicious meals.

Another neat feature is steam clean. Thanks to this you can get rid of grease and oils within minutes. The included 26 autocook menus is another great addition for giving you that extra flexibility while you cook. The multistage cooking feature helps you cook in 3 cooking cycles and only adds to the convenience of the whole cooking process.

All in all with features like keep warm for keeping food hot till up to 90 minutes. Auto reheat which heats your food at a preprogrammed time. Finally with a very premium metallic silver finish and an experience which can only be considered great. Overall this offering from IFB can be considered as one of the best microwave ovens under 12000.

Pros and Cons of this 25L IFB Microwave Oven

Very powerful 1400W magnetron delivers fast and even heatingIf we were being picky then the silver paint job might not be everybody’s piece of cake
The Combi tech feature helps make your food that little bit more delicious
Heat retention of food up to 90 minutes is great


The microwave ovens from on this list were all handpicked with multiple variables in mind. Features, capacities, price range, and other intangibles.

The capacity range on the list has 4 different capacities of 20L, 21L, 23L, and finally 25L. Some options come with massive 151+ auto cook menus while others have rotatable knobs for navigating through the menu.

We have included options for everyone out there. In the end, we are pretty sure that if you do pick any option on the list you will not regret your choice.

Let’s take a look at some of the FAQs below and if you have any other questions, please post them in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Solo, Grill and Convection microwave?

In Solo Microwave oven you can only cook, reheat or defrost the food. The Solo are the most basic type of ovens.
A Grill microwave oven can do the work of Solo oven plus you can use it for grill pizza, chicken, fish etc.
A convection based microwave is the most advance one and you can do all types of cooking stuff plus baking as well.

Which is the best microwave oven under 10000?

IFB 25L Convection microwave oven is a great option at a price of around 10000. It has a good capacity, nice design and great performance.

How Should I select a Microwave Oven?

You need to consider 2 main things while selecting a microwave oven: the capacity and the type of cooking you are going to do.

If you have 2-3 family members, you can go for a 20-25L microwave, for 4-5 members go for a 25-30L capacity microwave. So that’s about the capacity.

To select the type, you need to consider what all would you use the microwave for. If reheating and defrosting is the only thing you need, go for a Solo Microwave. If you are going to make Pizza etc as well, go for a Grill Microwave oven and if you plan on baking cakes, cookies etc then a Convection Microwave oven will be best for you.

Which brand is best for a microwave?

Well the top brand include LG, Samsung, IFB, and Whirlpool but we would to add that that no single brand is best for microwave as it all depends on what kind of microwave do you need and in what budget. Some brands offers great value for money while some are expensive. Plus, you will see that the number of auto cook menu options vary a lot from product to product.

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