Best Geyser Under 5000 & 7000 in India 2020

Taking a bath on a cold chilly day can be really difficult. Having access to hot water can make things better and the easiest means to get hot water in your bathroom is via a water heater or geyser. However, with plenty of options available in so many different price categories, it might be a little overwhelming at times to choose the geyser that best suit your needs.

In this article, we take a look at the best geyser under 5000 & 7000 in India 2020 from various top brands like Bajaj, Crompton, Havells, etc. We have listed budget options here that go easy on the pocket and delivers greatly in value and performance too.

List of Best Geysers Under 5K & 7K

We have listed both instant and storage water heaters from various reputed brands. The capacity is from 3 Litres to 15 Litres. Apart from delivering great performance some of them come also with 5-star energy saver rating for savings on the electricity bill. Most of them run on an electric power supply, however, there are some that run on gas and are more cost-effective.

With all of that out of the way let’s take a look options on our list one at a time.

1. Crompton Bliss 3L Geyser

Image of Crompton 3L water geyser

If you are on an extremely tight budget and need quick access to hot water then the Bliss from Crompton would be a great option for you. The Bliss is a 3L instant water heater. The Bliss is not only capable of heating 3L of water at a given time but it also can store up to 3L of water. This basically means that every time you try and reach out for warm water your wait time is much reduced for a seamless experience.

Although the Bliss is made for people looking for a budget option it doesn’t compromise on performance. The Bliss house a copper heating element that consumes 3000W of power for best in class results. The Bliss also features a 6.5 bar pressure rating. This means that if you do install this in a high-rise building it will work just fine.

The tank of the geyser is a weldless stainless steel one. This in turn retains heat and efficiency in a better way resulting in a much better performance to the end-user. The geyser comes with anti-siphon protection which keeps backflow from the tank away protecting the heating element from damage due to dry heat.

Finally, with a friendly-looking bubble pattern on a glossy white paint job, the bliss from Crompton is arguably one of the best budget geysers under the 3000 and 5000 price tag.

Pros & Cons of this Crompton Geyser

Workability at 6.5 bar of low pressure is great, especially when being installed in high-rise buildings.In case of power cut, the 3L capacity won’t be enough.
The weldless steel tank results in a great performance.
The anti-siphon protection results in both user and device safety.

2. Racold Pronto Stylo 3L Geyser

image of Racold Pronto Stylo 3L water geyser  which is one of the best budget geysers under rupees 5000

The Pronto from Racold is for those looking for a 3L budget geyser under the 5K price segment who want both performance & aesthetics and don’t mind paying a bit extra over the entry-level models. The Pronto as mentioned before is a 3 Litre electric instant water heater that is capable of heating storing 3L in a couple of minutes.

The Pronto consumes a total of 3000W of power and uses a high-power heating element. This means that irrespective of its size you get hot water quickly with very little wait time. The geyser is also capable of working in high-rise buildings. This is thanks to its high-pressure resistance which is definitely great to have onboard. The geyser comes with PUF insulation which results in great heat retention when the hot water is stored in the tank.

Lastly, the Pronto comes with a stem-type thermostat and cutout for automatic temperature control ensuring safety. The anti-siphon system prevents water backflow avoiding dry heating. The overall user experience makes it one of the best budget geysers under the 5K price category.

Pros & Cons of this Racold Pronto Stylo Geyser

 The high-pressure resistance allows for workability in high-rise buildings.Not suitable for a large family.
The anti-siphon system prevents dry heating.
The beautiful aesthetics make the geyser looks very attractive.

3. Bajaj Ivora 3L Geyser

Image of Bajaj 3 Litre instant water heater

Looking for a 3L instant geyser that delivers performance, elegance, and additional safety features without breaking the bank then the Ivora from Bajaj should definitely be on your list. The Ivora is a 3L water geyser which not only heats 3L of water at a given time but it can also store the same in its insulated water tank. This means that you will instantly get hot water whenever you reach out to your tap without the long wait time.

The Ivora comes with a high-power heating element that consumes a total of 3KW of power. This results in some pretty decent performance and should serve a small family just fine. If you live in a high-rise building worry not. The geyser is capable of withstanding up to 8 bar of pressure which will serve you just fine no problem.

Bajaj has taken great measures to ensure your safety. One the thermoplastic outer body not only keeps corrosion away but ensures that you don’t get hurt on touching the geyser body either from heat or electricity. Bajaj has also gone ahead with an additional step by providing with a fire-retardant cable. This means that in the event of a fire the cables will be the last reason for the spread of the fire delivering peace of mind.

All in all, with neon indicators notifying users for on and heating modes. An elegant looking body with a glossy white paint job and an overall great built. The Ivora from Bajaj delivers through and through.

Pros & Cons of this Bajaj Ivora Geyser

The 8bar pressure resistance is great for installation in high-rise buildings.Although the aesthetics onboard are elegant people wanting something more flashy will not like it.
The fire-retardant cables deliver an additional layer of safety.
The elegant body will be appreciated by those who want something simple looking.

4. Havells Flagro 6L Gas Geyser

Image of  Havells Flagro 6L Gas Geyser

If you push your budget a couple of hundreds over the 5K price category and have access to a gas source then the Flagro from Havells offers great value for money. The Flagro is a 6L gas geyser that will definitely give you better performance when compared to an already great electric water geyser. Do note that gas geysers should be only used in a bathroom with good ventilation. If your bathroom doesn’t have ventilation, don’t go for a gas geyser.

With an energy consumption of 1200W combined with the gas source, the Flagro delivers great performance. It is capable of storing up to 6L of the water that it heats and thanks to the Feroglass coating along with a single weld-line design results in longer heat retention for use later on.

The heating element used onboard is an Incoloy one which inevitably is also responsible for the quick heating of water and great performance that you get with this geyser. In addition to the Feroglass coating, the geyser comes with a high-density PUF insulation which also provides additional efficiency in terms of heat retention.

Lastly, the Flagro comes with a pretty slim profile. The 2 knobs controlling the flame and water temperature delivers the user with great flexibility. altogether the overall experience that the Flagro has to offer is truly great and the additional hundreds of rupees that you’d be spending on this geyser will absolutely be worth it.

Pros & Cons of this Havells Flagro Gas Geyser

The Incoloy element results in a great performance.The slightly higher price tag might give someone on a tight budget a second thought before purchase.
The Feroglass coating combined with the PUF insulation results in superior heat retention.Not suitable for bathrooms with no ventilation.
The Slim profile will not be protruding out taking lesser space after installation.

5. Bajaj New Shakti 15 L Geyser

Image of Bajaj 15 Litre storage water heater

If you have a pretty moderately demanding need then the Shakti from Bajaj should definitely be on your list. The Shakti is a 15L electric water geyser which does not only heat up to 15L of water but is also capable of storing the same. This is definitely going to meet your bathing needs, period.

The Shakti delivers performance while keeping efficiency in mind. With a high-power heating element consuming 2000W of energy, the Shakti is truly energy efficient. The geyser also features what Bajaj like calling Swirl flow technology. Thanks to this you get up to 20% faster heating of water while saving energy at the same time.

High-pressure resistance is another feat that the Shakti has to offer. With a pressure resistance of up to 8 bar, the Shakti is perfectly safe for installation in high-rise buildings. Apart from offering a rustproof external body, the shakti comes with titanium armor technology. This is a special coating on the inner tank that prevents corrosion for enhanced longevity. Bajaj had truly thought through the material choices while making the shakti.  

Additional to the features mentioned above the shakti comes with a 4-star energy rating for savings on the electricity bill. The aesthetics of the geyser include a floral pattern on a white paint job body. The adjustable thermostat gives users the freedom to choose how hot they want their water to be. And lastly, the experience that the Shakti has to offer makes it one of the best geysers under 7000 in India.

Pros & Cons of this Bajaj New Shakti Geyser

The titanium-coated tank results in far superior corrosion resistance.Little expensive for those looking at a more budget-friendly option. 
The 4-star energy saver rating delivers savings great savings on the electricity bill.
The thermostat knob gives users control over the temperature of the water according to their needs.

6. AO Smith SGS-PLUS-006 6 L Geyser

Image of AO Smith SGS-PLUS-006 6 L Geyser which is one of the best budget geysers

Looking for an electric water heater that comes with a larger storage capacity than what your entry-level option can provide?  This offering from AO Smith will definitely deliver great value for under a price of Rs. 7000. The offering can heat 6 Litre of water at a given time and can store the same for usage every time you reach the tap.

The heating element is of high-power consuming up to 3000W of power. The heating element is glass coated and has a fold-back design. This ensures 2 things. One, the coating prevents scale formation extending the life of the element itself. Two, thanks to the fold-back design the heat distribution is even resulting in quicker heating time.

The geyser comes with string-heavy gauge alloy steel tanks. This is 23% stronger than standard steel or copper tanks. The tank comes also with a blue diamond glass-lining technology which provides 2X corrosion-resistance for enhanced longevity.

All in all, the geyser gets a thermostat good for controlling the temperature of the water with 3 settings low, medium, and high. The compact design of the geyser takes little space. And lastly the 5-star energy saver rating all adds up to a great user experience altogether.

Pros & Cons of this AO Smith SGS-PLUS-006 Geyser

The fold-back design of the heating element distributes heat efficiently for faster heating of the water.Although a geyser boasts a compact design it protrudes out quite a bit.
The glass-coated heating element prevents the formation of scales.
The 5-star energy saver rating results in savings in the electricity bill.

7. Orient Electric Enamour Plus 15 L Geyser

image of Orient Electric Enamour Plus 15L Geyser  one of the best budget geyser under rupees 7000

Looking for a compact 15 Litre storage geyser that also delivers great efficiency? Then the Enamour Plus from Orient is one of the best budget geysers under the price of rupees 7k. The Enamour Plus from Orient is a 15L electric geyser which will very easily serve the need of a moderately sized family.

The Enamour Plus comes with a Glassline coated heating element which consumes up to 2000W of energy. The low energy consumption delivers savings on the electricity bill and the coating results in superior heating too. The geyser also comes with a titanium enamel coated tank which increases its longevity, period.

In addition to the features mentioned the geyser comes with an IPX4 waterproof rating. The pated Whirlflow technology results in 20% faster heating. And the tank is an anti-bacterial one, thus the bacterial formation in it is prevented.

Finally, with a 5-star energy saver rating, the Enamour Plus delivers equal parts of efficiency as performance. The temperature control knob gives users flexibility for adjusting the temperature of the water. And last but not the least, the compact form factor and the very friendly-looking plain white paint job with silver accents results in an overall amazing experience through and through.

Pros & Cons of this Orient Electric Enamour Plus Geyser

The IPX4 water-resistant coating adds to the user’s safety.The plain-looking aesthetics might not be for everyone. 
The Whirlflow technology results in 20% faster heating times.
The 5-star energy saver rating delivers great savings on the electricity bill.

8. V-Guard Victo 15L Geyser

image of V-Guard Victo 15 Litre Geyser  and storage water heater

If your budget for purchasing a water geyser is under the rupees 7000 mark then the Victo from V-Guard is arguably the best budget water geyser under that price tag. The Victo is a 15 Litre capacity electric water geyser which will be great for a small family.

The geyser runs off on a high-performance yet a highly-efficient heating element that consumes only 2000W of power. The body of the Victo is constructed out of high-quality mild-steel for durability and its coated with an anti-corrosive powder-coating to keep corrosion at an arm’s length.  The inner tank is again constructed out of thick-gauge steel with a single-line weld which is then coated with a glass-lined coating for superior resistivity from corrosion.

When it comes to protection V-guard has lived up to its name. The Victo comes with 4 distinctive layers of measures taken to deliver you the absolute best protection in the under 7000 price segment.

One, the thermal cut-out mechanism ensures that overheating is avoided by cutting of the power at a set temperature. Two, the thermostat mechanism ensures that you get regulated and precise water temperature. Three, the multifunctional valve ensures optimum pressure control. And finally, the magnesium sacrificial anode delivers protection to the inner tank keeping corrosion away.

All in all, with a very minimal looking aesthetics. A 4-star energy saver rating for savings on the electricity bill. And an amazing user experience in this price segment the Victo from V-Guard delivers through and through.

Pros & Cons of this V-Guard Victo Geyser

The powder-coated high-quality mild-steel body delivers great durability.The plain aesthetics of the geysers isn’t for everyone.
The 4 layer of protection gives user a peace of mind.
The 4-star energy saver rating results in pretty decent savings.

The 8 options on our list were all handpicked. We ensured that we covered a wide range of offerings from all top manufacturers so that irrespective of the option the best product in its price category could be offered.

The options came in at 3 Litre capacity at its least and went all the way up to 15 Litre at its highest. There are options for both electric and gas geysers. They come with multilayers protection and have varied aesthetics appearance.

In the end, the article was written keeping in mind that the options on the list are perfectly fitting of its title: Best Budget Geyser Under 5000 & 7000 in India 2020. We hope that the article was helpful and you were able to get some insight before you make your purchase.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them in comments section below. 

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