Best Geysers Under 8000, 10000 & 12000 in India 2020

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best geysers under 8000, 10000, and 12000 price category in India 2020. If you are on a tight budget, then check out some great options in our list of best geysers under 5k and 7k which deliver great value for money. However, if your budget is anything higher than the Rs. 7000 mark then read on.

Covering this wide of a price range not only allows us to consider a lot of options but allows our readers to have options open to you based on your budget in the three different price segments. We hope that by the end of the article you will at the very least be able to have an idea of what to expect at each price point if not settle on an option on the list.

List of Best Geysers in India 2020

The options on our list today come from top-end companies like Havells, Bajaj, Racold, Crompton, and so on. They come primarily in two sizes of 15 and 25 Litres. All of the options on our list are electric heaters with almost all of them having good star energy ratings or some sort of technology built-in for savings on the electricity bill.

With all of this said let’s take a look at the options one by one now.

1. Crompton Solarium Qube 15L Geyser

Image of one of the best geyser from Crompton

For under the 8K price tag the Solarium Qube from Crompton is an extremely capable performer. For its price, it’s one of the best geysers in its price segment with a 15L of storage capacity.

The Qube boasts a 1200g superior copper heating element that is capable of heating water to 45oC in just 10 minutes. Considering the 2KW of power that this geyser consumes and its entry-level price point this is a very decent performer.

The tank that stores the water is polymer-coated and prevents the tank from corrosion enhancing its lifespan. The Qube can be installed in high-rise buildings, no problem due to its pressure withstand ability up to 8 bar.

While delivering performance Crompton has ensured the safety of the Qube’s user too. The Solarium Qube comes with 3-levels of safety. The superior thermostat ensures that the temperature of the water is regulated while the cut-out mechanism ensures that the overheating of water is avoided.

On top of all the features mentioned above the Qube comes in a compact body. A massive 5-star energy saver rating for savings on the electricity bill. And lastly, a temperature control knob along with a built-in LED indicator.

All of these features under the price of Rs. 8000 makes the Solarium Qube from Crompton one of the best geyser in its price segment that you will not regret investing money on.

Pros & Cons of this Crompton Geyser

The compact body will be suitable for people who do not have a lot of space to work with.Although compact the geyser bulges out quite a bit.
The 5-star energy saver rating delivers pretty amazing savings on the electricity bill.
The simple design gets a pretty futuristic touch with the LED built around the temperature control knob.

2. V-Guard Calino 15L Geyser

Image of best geyser under 8000 from V Guard

The Calino from V-Guard for around a price of Rs. 8000 delivers great performance and incredible safety. The Calino holds the capacity for not only heating 15L of water at a given time but storing the same too. this means that the next time you reach out to your geyser you are definitely going to get hot water.

When it comes to performance to efficiency ratio the Calino delivers. The Calino uses an Incoloy 840 heating element which consumes 2000W of power delivering great results. The heating element comes with an anti-scaling feature that enhances the overall lifespan of the element itself. Along with the great performance, the Calino gets a 5-star energy saver rating that is going to deliver pretty sizeable amounts of savings on the electricity bill too.

Apart from the great performance, the Calino delivers in the safety front too. As expected from V-guard the Calino comes with 4-layers of safety. You get safe temperature regulation thanks to the thermostat. The thermal Cut-out mechanism results in Overheat protection. Multifunctional safety valve ensures safe operation at high pressures and lastly, the long-lasting sacrificial Magnesium Anode results in anti-rust inner tank protection.

Finally, the temperature control knob allows users to control the temperature of the water according to their needs. The compact design with a plain-looking aesthetic will be appreciated by those looking for a minimal-looking geyser and the overall experience that you get on board is just amazing.

Pros & Cons of this V-Guard Geyser

The use of Incoloy 840 heating element results in a great performance.The plain design will not be liked by those looking for something more attractive. 
The 4-layer of safety delivers peace of mind.
The 5-star energy saver rating delivers great savings.

3. Bajaj Calenta 25L Geyser

Image of Bajaj 25 Litre water heater under Rs. 10000

The Calenta from Bajaj is one of the nicest looking geysers under 10000. For starters, the Calenta comes with a heating and storing capacity of 25L which will be much appreciated by those with larger consumption needs or have a couple of people in the house who would be using a large quantity of water that this geyser is capable of heating.

Suitable for high-rise buildings the Calenta can be easily installed without any difficulty, withstanding pressure up to 8 bar. The tank comes with Titanium Armor Technology which delivers best-in-class resistance against corrosion resulting in an enhanced lifespan of the tank itself.

The heating element used onboard consumes 2KW of power. It is efficient and powerful at the same time. The heating element combined with the Swirl flow technology results in 20% faster heating of water. This not only delivers better performance but saves time in the heating process too.

All in all, with a rustproof body. A 4-star energy saver rating delivering savings on the electricity bill all under the price of Rs. 10K results in a pretty amazing user experience overall.

Pros & Cons of this Bajaj Calenta Geyser

The Titanium Armor Technology enhances the lifespan of the storage tank.Although the geyser boasts great aesthetics the glossy paint job might give it a bit of an ordinary feel. 
Swirl Flow Technology results in up to 20% faster heating times.
The 4-star energy saver rating is great to have onboard.

4. AO Smith 25L Geyser

Image of AO Smith 25 L water heater

If all you are looking for in your next geyser is heating capacity and aesthetics are of no concern to you then considering this offering from AO Smith might be the right way to go. The geyser comes with a massive 25L of capacity which is great.

The geyser uses a 2KW energy-consuming heating element which comes coated with glass. For the amount of water that the geyser can heat it can be said that this offering is pretty efficient at using energy. The heating element comes covered with a glass coating which enhances the lifespan of the element and is great to have onboard.

The tank that stores the water is made of strong heavy gauge alloy steel. AO smith claims for it to be 23% stronger than stainless steel. It has a blue-diamond glass-lining technology which provides 2X better resistance to corrosion thereby increasing the lifespan of the tank itself.

Lastly, the geyser comes with a 4-star energy saver rating which is definitely going to reflect in the savings on the electricity bill. And the overall plain aesthetics makes this geyser from AO smith one of the best geysers under 10000 in India.

Pros & Cons of this Crompton Geysers

The large 25L tank with blue-diamond coating results in a longer lifespan.Design of the geyser could have been better.
The large 25L of heating and storing capacity is great for people with large consumption.
The 4-star energy saver rating delivers pretty decent savings on the electricity bill.

5. Racold Eterno Pro 25L Geyser

Image of Racold 25 Litre geyser which is one of the best under 10000

For a price tag of under the 10K segment, the Eterno Pro from Racold delivers one of the best in class features and might as well be one of the best geysers under 10K in India. Boasting a large 25L heating capacity the Eterno Pro delivers quite the amount of water for use by multiple users. For what it’s worth the Eterno Pro can also store 25L of water once it’s done heating so that you can have access to hot water each time, every time.

The heating element consumes 2KW of energy delivering great performance. With a titanium enamel on top, the heating element resists both water impurities and pressure alike for enhanced lifespan.

The Eterno Pro comes with both Smart Bath Logic and Smart Mix technology onboard. Smart batch logic helps save up to 40% of energy based on your preferred mode of bathing. The smart mix feature on the other hand can deliver up to 10% more hot water. This is achieved by ensuring the slow mixing of cold and hot water which in turn results in the water staying hot over a prolonged period of time.

Finally, with a 5-star energy saver rating which results in some pretty impressive savings on the electricity bill. And a beautiful looking white paint job with a maroon accent the Eterno Pro from Racold makes negligible compromises and delivers an amazing user experience through and through.

Pros & Cons of this Racold Geyser

40% energy savings thanks to Smart Bath Logic.If we were being nitpicky then the fairly large size of the geyser might be a dealbreaker for some users.
10% more hot water delivery thanks to smart Mix Technology.
5-star energy saver ratings for sizeable savings on the electricity bill.

6. Venus Splash 25L Geyser

Image of Venus 25 Litre storage water heater

If you are tired of seeing geysers with the same white paint job the Splash from Venus might be a breath of fresh air for those wanting to consider something unique looking. The Splash is a 25L electric geyser capable of both heating and storing up to 25L of water at a given time.

The Splash features a Glass-lined Double Ceramic Coating heating element. Thanks to this setup not only do you get great resistance against corrosion and hard water impurities but great performance too. The Splash consumes up to 2000W of power and is pretty efficient considering the performance it has to offer.

The inner tank for storage of water comes with a Porcelain Enamel Glasslining for longer heat retention. This makes Splash India’s first BIS approved water heater with this technology onboard.

The Splash features overheating protection by providing thermal cutout at 90oC. The Splash is also capable of withstanding up to 8 bars for pressure making it suitable for high-rise buildings.

Finally, the beautiful Honey Gold paint job gives the Splash a very unique looking aesthetic which many will appreciate. While the 5-star energy saver rating delivers great savings on the electricity bill. For what its worth for a price of just under Rs. 10K the Venus Splash is a pretty compelling option to consider.

Pros & Cons of this Venus Geyser

The Glasslined Double Ceramic Coating heating element delivers great longevity.Although attractive the Honey Gold color might be disliked by a few based on their taste.
The Honey Gold paint job delivers a very unique looking aesthetic.
The 5-star energy saver rating delivers great savings on the electricity bill.

7. Usha Aquagenie 25L Geyser

Image of best water heater under 12000 in India

The Aquagenie from Usha is for those who want an elegant looking geyser without compromising on the feature side of things. The Aquagenie to begin with comes with a 25L of storing and heating capacity, a size great for the use of up to 3-4 people depending on usage.

The Aquagenie comes with an Incoloy 800 heating element. Its top-of-the-line. It’s efficient by consuming up to 2KW of energy and it delivers. The heating element comes also with a glass line enamel coating which inevitably enhances its lifespan while keeping the performance unaltered.

Thanks to the Whirlflow technology used onboard the Aquagenie heats water quickly while reducing energy consumption. Apart from delivering great performance, Usha has ensured that the Aquagenie comes equipped with best in class safety too.

The Aquagenie comes with a massive 6-layers of safety. You get ELCB, temperature sensor, dry heating protection, IntelliValve, Glassline coating, and IPX4 water resistance all in one body. If you do purchase the Aquagenie, safety is the last parameter that you’d require to think twice about.

All of the above is packed in a white paint job body with a beautiful Moonflower grey pattern which gives the Aquagenie an extremely elegant look. Lastly, with a 5-star energy saver rating for some pretty decent savings on the electricity bill, the Aquagenie from Usha is arguably one of the best geysers under 12000 in India.

Pros & Cons of this Usha Aquagenie Geyser

The Whirlflow technology used onboard delivers faster heating times while keeping the energy consumption low.A digital display or remote control should have been provided.
The 6-layers of safety delivers peace of mind.
5-star energy saver rating delivers great savings on the electricity bill.

8. Havells Adonia 15L Geyser

Image of best Havells geyser under 12000

If you are looking for a geyser packed with futuristic feature then the Adonia from Havells is arguable one of the few and best geysers under 12000 to offer you with a deal which is truly hard to beat. The Adonia is a 15L digital storage water heater. This means that at a given time it is capable of heating and storing up to 15L of water, no problem.

The Adonia Incoloy glass coated heating element which delivers best-in-class results. Consuming up to 2000W of power the Adonia is equal parts efficient as it is powerful. Thanks to the glass coating the heating element is resistant to both oxidation and carbonization at elevated temperatures.

Thanks to the Whirl-Flow Technology onboard the Adonia is capable of delivering up to 20% more hot water compared to the completion.

What makes the Adonia truly futuristic is the way it communicates with the user. One, the Adonia features a feather touch control panel for controlling the temperature of the water. The temperature of the water is displayed by an under-panel LED setup.

Two, the Adonia comes with a LED around its front to notifies 3 different temperatures of 35, 55, and 75 degrees via 3 different colors of blue, pink, and red.

Lastly, the Adonia is one of the only geysers in its segment to offer a remote-control function for controlling the temperature of geyser from a distance.

All of the above-mentioned features come under the price of Rs. 12000 and you will simply love what the Adonia has to offer, period.

Pros & Cons of this Havells Geyser

Whirl-Flow Technology delivers up to 20% more hot water output.All the amazing features come at the cost of reduced heating and storing capacity.
Feather touch control panel along with light-changing LED delivers futuristic aesthetics.
5-star The control via remote gives users great flexibility. saver rating delivers great savings on the electricity bill.

Time to wrap things up.

The options on our list today were all under the Rs. 8000, 10000, and 12000 price category. They are one of the best geysers under the said price tag. We included options that had beautiful looking aesthetics while others had a robust construction. Some options had Whirl-Flow Technology for more hot water output while there were options whose temperature could be controlled via a remote.

All the 8 options on our list today were handpicked and were from reputed brands. Hence, irrespective of the options that you go with you can rest assured that your money will be well spent with an assurance of a great user experience. 

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