Best Refrigerators Under 20000 and 25000 in India (Single and Double Door)

Refrigerator are an all weather need be it summer or winters. This appliance is used to keep the food fresh and healthy for you to eat.

These come in both single door and double door configurations and you can choose one based on the need for capacity, power savings, features, and most importantly your budget.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 best refrigerators under 20000 and 25000 in India with both single and double door fridges. The capacity of the fridge listed here varies from 215 L to 310 L. The pricing of these best refrigerators ranges from 17000 to 25000 so we are sure you will find the best-suited fridge for you.

Brands like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool Haier, Godrej, and Panasonic have been covered here. All offer 10 years of warranty on the compressor and have varied features as listed below in the description.

List of Best Refrigerators under 20000 and 25000

We are sure it must have been a headache for you to find the best searching across website and blogs, here what our suggest appliances would help you to bring our the clear picture of each refrigerator so that you can easily and quickly decide.

Let us now look at the list, pricing, and features of each of the best refrigerator under 20000 and 25000 in India in 2020 with both single and double door configurations.

1. LG 215 L 2 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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LG is one of the very few companies that need no introduction. It’s primarily because of the quality products and services they provide.
This is a single door refrigerator with a 215L capacity and suits best for a family or 2 to max people. This GL-D221ARGY fridge comes with a smart inverter compressor that is designed to mainly offer enhanced performance, energy savings, and silent operation.  

With all these smart features, this single door fridge also features a beautiful floral pattern on top of the ruby glow color that it comes in, and it looks totally impressive. In terms of build quality and design, it is one of the best available in the market.
The GL-D221ARGY gets a freezing zone for storing ice and other products that need low temperatures. Just below the freezer lies the cool and fresh zone for keeping milk packets and similar products.  Then we get a pretty big space that you can customize according to the needs of the user.

The final compartment of the fridge is a 21L vegetable compartments you great flexibility with item arrangement overall. The door of the refrigerator houses space for items like eggs, water bottles, jams, or tetra packs.

This fridge also includes a base stand with a drawer for storing vegetables
like onion and potatoes. Thanks to the fast freezing technology, you can get adequately frozen ice in under 2 hours. This fridge has a 4-star rating as per the latest BEE rating standard, and it will save you a good amount of electricity over the years.

The stabilizer free operation means that the fridge can operate between 90-310V without any problem. Finally, a year of product warranty and a 10-
year compressor warranty keeps users covered from manufacturing defects.

Go for if if you are looking for an energy efficiency single door refrigerator under Rs. 20000.

Pros Cons of LG 215L Refrigerator

The capacity of 215 Litres ensures easy storage for a small familyPrice is slightly on the higher side for a single door refrigerator
4-star rating and inverter compressor ensures good power savings
Best service and quality from LG

2. Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator

Image of Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator

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This Refrigerator from whirlpool is one of the best value propositions for a refrigerator under the price of rupees 20000. Let us find out why.
Featuring a double door design, this refrigerator has a 245 Litres capacity and is best suited for a family of 3 members. Having a double door design comes with a ton of benefits. The first one being, 2 separate compartments for the freezer and the main chamber. The freezer gets an ice twister feature via which once the ice is formed in the ice tray you can easily pop it down into a container for ease of usage. The freezer has a dedicated temperature control dial for ease of usage.

This refrigerator features whirlpools 6th sense technology that maintains the temperature of items like ice-cream without the need of the user
adjusting it manually. The fridge compartment is further divided into 2 more compartments. The first one is for the general storage of items while the second one is for the storage of vegetables.

The space of the previous compartment is customizable according to the user’s needs. The latter is a vegetable compartment that has a dedicated freshener built-in which maintains the freshness of the vegetables by reducing the oxidization.
Speaking of additional features, this fridge comes with an active deo technology that is integrated at the bottom of the fresh air-flow tower. This effectively helps in removing any bad odor keeping the fruits, vegetable and other items fresh.

This fridge has Flexi vents which allow you to cool bottles 40% quickly. It has also a feature of release cool air in the event of a power cut that prevents ice from melting and food items getting spoiled.

You get a year of manufacturing defect warranty on the fridge and a 10-
year warranty on the compressor. It has a 2-star rating as per 2019 standards but if you have a tight budget, then it might suit you best and also the rating of the refrigerator has a limited impact on electricity consumption as it does not consume electricity as high as Air Conditioner.

Pros Cons of Whirlpool 245L Refrigerator

Good storage of 245 L for 3 people2 star rating but fridge is available at a very attractive price
Sixth sense technology maintains the temperature effectively.
Keeps the fridge properly cooled during the power cut

3. Godrej 255L 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator

Image of Godrej Double door refrigerator

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Godrej has been delivering value for money products since forever and this double door refrigerator is one of the best examples of one such product. It offers decent build quality and features for the category of best double door fridge under 20000.
This has a 255L capacity and comes in a double door configuration that is mostly for a family of 3 but can also be used 4 members if you have a budget constraint of under 20000.

This refrigerator features a scarlet red color with a beautiful floral pattern that looks attractive. In terms of features, this fridge allows you to easily control the temperature of both the compartment of the double door easily with dedicated knob design.
The freezer comes with a frost-free technology that does not allow frost to accumulate. What happens with this is that in the event of the temperature being too low causing ice formation the fridge will automatically go into defrost mode to prevent ice formation. The ice collection try has a simplistic flip design and you can easily collect the frozen ice. The freezer has sufficient space to easily store all the products with ease

The second compartment is the main storage area. There is a chiller present at the top of the second compartment that is good for cooling water bottles quickly. Right below the chiller is a grooved storage area where users can customize the space according to their daily needs. Finally, at the bottom of this compartment lies the vegetable compartment to store all your veggies.

Godrej offers 2.75-inch-thick insulation to make sure that cooling is retained to long-lasting freshness. An aroma locker allows for the locking of the fresh smell of the food stored in. Godrej offers one year of complete product warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty keeping you safe from manufacturing defects.

Pros Cons of Godrej 255L Refrigerator

Good capacity of 255 liters and has the best capacity for a 3 member family under 20000 budget.Average (2 star) energy efficiency rating.
Feature-rich fridge with aroma locker, big vegetable storage, and toughened glass shelves.
It has the best value for money as it offers complete fridge functionality at a very attractive price.

4. Haier 258 L 2 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Image of best double door refrigerator under 25k from Haier

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This refrigerator from Haier comes in a very clean design in Grey steel color and will add beauty to all the kitchen designs. It is one of the best-looking fridge under 20000 price point. Its handleless design makes it look very appealing.

It comes in a double door fridge design with a capacity of 258L for storage. This is a 2 star rated refrigerator as per the latest 2020 standard but it was rated at 3 star as per the 2019 BEE standard. Do check the rating year on all refrigerator before buying. It is pretty spacious to be easily suitable for 3 people or with some compromise for a 4 member family.

A top compartment is a freezer unit while the bottom compartment is the storage unit. The freezer gets a couple of neat features. For one it has room plenty enough for items like ice-creams, frozen food packages ad ice trays. Secondly, the ice tray has a very convenient movable design that allows for its removal when not needed for the storage of other items. Last but not the least, this Haier 258 Litres fridge features turbo ice technology which freezes ice in under an hour.

The 2nd compartment is the usual main storage unit. It has multiple grooves that can be customized by the users themselves to make room for items or containers of different sizes according to needs. The vegetable container at the bottom makes it convenient to store your veggies in an easy and hygienic manner.
One of the biggest selling points and benefits of this refrigerator is that it is one of the very few refrigerators out there under the price of rupees 20000 is the 5 in 1 convertible feature giving you the flexibility to store more food especially at times you have some leftover food after a party or family gathering.

Other common features like auto defrost mechanism, stabilizer free operation, toughened glass is also provided by Haier without any compromise.
This refrigerator also features an additional inverter compressor that allows you to save further electricity by optimizing the compressor performance. Finally, a year of product warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty keeps you covered from all
manufacturing defects.

Pros Cons of Haier 258L Refrigerator

A very appealing design and build qualityEnergy efficiency rating is just 2 stars
258 Litres capacity serve very well for a 3 to 4 member family
5 in 1 convertible design with inverter compressor

5. Samsung 253L 2 Star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Image of best samsung double door refrigerator under 20000

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This is a 253L double door fridge from Samsung that comes in elegant Inox which is basically a brushed metallic finish that gives the fridge an extremely premium look.  
It is best suitable for a family with 3 members or for max 4 people.

The fridge has follows a typical double door design featuring a top freezer portion for ice cubes, ice cream, and the main compartment region for veggies, milk, fruits, etc. The main compartment is customizable as per the user’s choice all thanks to the groove design that’s present for the same. The fridge door has cabins for the storage of eggs and water bottles. The freezer compartment comes with a twist mechanism for ease of access of ice and it is moveable and hence can be removed for some extra space as and when needed.

This Samsung refrigerator comes equipped with an inverter compressor which is a major step up from normal compressors. The inverter compressor helps majorly with the control of motor speed to modulate the cooling capacity giving major savings on the electricity bills. This is a 2-star rated fridge as per the 2019 BEE standards.

This 253 Litres capacity fridge comes with a moist free zone which regulates the moisture level to maintain the required humidity to give the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. Samsung has also added some features like a deodorizing filter that helps in keeping the aroma intact. It also has special features which Samsung calls as Cool Pack, which protect food from getting rotten for around 12 hours during power cuts.

Samsung has the best in class service and also charges a small premium for the same in pricing. There is a 1-year warranty on complete product and 10-year warranty on compressor. It has a lower rating in energy savings but if you are looking for the best refrigerator under 20000, then this could be the best bet among Samsung refrigerators.

Pros Cons of Samsung 253L Refrigerator

Inverter compressor helps save some electricity consumption.2 star BEE rating as per 2019 standards.
Feature-rich refrigerator with moist free zone, all-round cooling and a very elegant look and design.
Best in class customer support and service
Cool Pack feature allows food to be fresh even during a power cut of 12 hours.

6. LG 260L 2 Star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Stylish double door refrigerator from LG under 25000

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LG is one of the most trusted brands in India and this is top selling refrigerators amongst the best refrigerator under 25000 in India in 2020.
It comes in a very clean design with a shiny steel color finish. It features a double door design and has a capacity of 260 Litres which goes best for a 3 member and also for a 4 member family. The build quality and service have been the topmost priority of LG and hence binds well with customer requirement.

Coming to its features, this fridge has a 3-star rating as per the latest 2020 BEE Standard and also comes with an inverter compressor. These two features combined offer the best electricity savings on this refrigerator. The other notable feature is that this LG fridge can run on the home inverter as well and hence can seamlessly run and keep things fresh even during a power cut.

It has a multi airflow cooling effect which ensures that the cold air reaches to all the corners and compartment internally in the fridge for proper cooling and preservation of the items. The bottom vegetable tray also brings a moisture balancer that regulates it and maintains the humidity levels for the food items to stay fresh.

LG has provided a smart diagnosis feature, which can be activated by you as you need. This generates an error code and can be shared with the customer service department for a quick resolution. Finally, a year of product warranty and a 10-
year compressor warranty keeps users covered from manufacturing defects.

Pros Cons of LG 260L Refrigerator

Best power saver refrigerator under 25k with inverter compressor and 3-star efficiency ratingSlightly costly but that is a premium LG takes for better service and quality
Good build quality and appealing design.
Smart diagnostic among other features for a quick solution.
Moisture balancer to keep fruits and vegetables fresh

7. Whirlpool 292L 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator

Image of Whirlpool double door refrigerator under 20000 for

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Whirlpool offers multiple electronic appliances in India and all offer good value for money with respect to other brands. This is a double door refrigerator with 292 Litres capacity and can be bought by a family with 3 or 4 members. It comes in a clean design that looks good.

It is frost-free so you will not have to manually remove any extra ice from the freezer. This refrigerator comes with a 2-star BEE rating as per the latest 2020 standard. It does not have any inverter compressor.

Coming to the features, this neo fresh series fridge comes with a 6th sense deep freeze technology, that provides powerful cooling and quick ice formation. Its Flexi vents are well placed to offer proper airflow. The microblock technology assures of bacteria-free operation.

Whirlpool refrigerators are also equipped with a chilling gel technology, which stores cool air and releases at the time of power cut so the food and other contents remain fresh to eat.

The refrigerator can handle a 130 volts to 300 volts fluctuation and works fine without a stabilizer. Whirlpool offers 10 years of warranty on compressor as other refrigerators.

Pros Cons of Whirlpool 292L Refrigerator

Sixth sense deep freeze technology for powerful coolingInverter technology compressor would have been better.
Designed with Flexi vents for proper airflow.
Chilling gel feature to keep items fresh during power cuts.

8. Panasonic 307L 2 Star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Image of a 300 plus liter capacity refrigerator from Panasonic

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Panasonic offers well-crafted products and this refrigerator also meets all the standards in terms of look, quality, design, features, and pricing.

This refrigerator has a big 307 liters capacity so it can be bought by a family having 4 members. It comes in a double door design having a 2-star energy efficiency rating as per 2020 standards but also has an inverter compressor that saves a lot of energy consumption.

The bottom of the refrigerator has a 35 litres storage box to hold the vegetables and fruits. It has well-built shelves that can easily hold up to 100 kgs. The side rows of the door are also spacious and are properly divided to keep different things separately and in a clean manner.

The airflow inside the refrigerator makes sure that proper temperature is maintained in both the fridge and freezer. Apart from the automatic humidity control, this Panasonic refrigerator also gives you a slider to manually control the humidity.

This fridge under 25000 is also equipped with a AG clean technology, that uses an AG filter to clean up the air free from bacteria and also control the odours.

Another common feature of adjusting the height of shelves is also available with this refrigerator. If you are looking for a list of top 10 refrigerator under 25000 in India, then this refrigerator should be on the list for its feature and value for money that it offers.

Pros Cons of Panasonic 307L Refrigerator

Big 307 Litres capacity to suit a 4 member easily.Star is rating is just 2 but it does have an inverter compressor.
Inverter compressor comes in handy to save electricity.
Well divided side shelves on the door for ease of maintaining items.
AG clean filter to remove bacteria and bad odour.

9. Samsung 275L 3 Star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Image of double door refrigerator from Samsung

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You must be feeling positive seeing this fridge design in the above photo that finally you have found the perfect fridge you were looking for. We also were certainly thinking the same way. This is another well-designed refrigerator from Samsung and comes in multiple colors and designs. To us, this color looks the best and is evergreen to be suited to most of the kitchen designs.

Before you just check this on Amazon, do look at the features described below, which would give you more confidence in your choice.

This is a big 275 Litres double door refrigerator which can be bought by a family or group of 3 people and also 4 people. It might be a little crowded for 4 people but fully depends on your needs.

Starting from the freezer department, you get a movable ice tray which gives you the flexibility to make space for more items during winters when you don’t need ice. Both the normal fridge and the freezer have a circular airflow that allows proper cooling and temperature maintenance.

The vegetable tray has a moisture control mechanism that adjusts itself based on the humidity requirement. The LED light inside the fridge is well lit and placed in a manner that all the compartments get proper lighting.

It comes with a 3-star rating as per 2020 standards and also has an inverter compressor that regulates cooling to save a lot of electricity. This refrigerator is one of the most efficient in terms of electricity savings in this list of best refrigerators under 25000 from Samsung.

Another good feature is that its freezer is convertible which means that you can on need basis use the freezer as a normal fridge and store those unexpected extra items or leftover food. This feature goes highly unnoticeable but is a very useful one.

This fridge machinery can handle voltage fluctuation from 110 volts to 300 volts keeping its circuit safe and giving a longer life.

Samsung also offers 10 years of warranty on the compressor and has one of the best customer support in India.

Pros Cons of Samsung 275L Refrigerator

3-star rating as per 2020 standard and inverter compressor feature make it highly energy efficient.Color on the side walls have different shade but that is the design statement of this refrigerator.
Very elegant and smart design available in multiple color variants
Movable ice maker, convertible feature give ease of usage and flexibility.

10. Haier 310L 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator

Image Haier double door refrigerator 2020

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Haier designs elegant looking refrigerator that surely adds value to your kitchen design. Apart from the image below, this refrigerator comes in multiple colors and designs, which can be checked here

This refrigerator comes with a huge capacity of 310 Litres and is one of the highest capacity refrigerators in this list of the best fridge under 25000 in India. It is easily suited for a 4 member family as you get ample space in a 300+ litres fridge.

Apart from the design and capacity, let us look at other features.

This refrigerator has a solid build quality with toughened shelves that can hold a heavy utensils and food items easily. Given it has a high capacity, the vegetable box is also proportionately bigger compared to other fridge and allow you to store more fruits and vegetables.

It comes with a 1-hour icing technology, that allows you to get solid ice within 60 mins and you do not have to wait longer. It has a 2-star rating as per the 2020 BEE standard.

The stabilizer free operation means that the fridge can operate between 135 volts to 290 volts without any problem. Finally, a 10-years compressor warranty keeps users covered from manufacturing defects.

Pros Cons of Haier 310L Refrigerator

Big capacity of 310 litres for 4 membersInverter technology feature could have been better for electricity savings
Turbo icing technology gives you proper ice is just 60 minutes.
Aesthetic design in multiple color variants
Great value for money for under 25000 refrigerator

End Notes

Those were the 10 best refrigerators under 20k and 25k in India. Most of the refrigerators listed are of double door type as they offer more flexibility in usage. Plus, they are frost-free so you don’t have to go through the mess of defrosting every couple of months or so.

The refrigerators listed above have a capacity of less than 300L in most cases. If you have a big family of more than 6 members, check out our list of top side by side refrigerators in India 2020.

If you have any questions or if you are looking for recommendations, please post them in the comments section below.

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