8 Best Premium Water Purifiers in India (Under 15000 and 20000)

Water purifiers are one of the most essential appliances in any modern-day household. We have already covered affordable water purifiers under 10000 and now we will take a look at the best premium water purifiers that are priced under 15000 and 20000.

We have shortlisted 8 of the best water purifiers on this list. The price starts from around 12000 and goes up to 20000. The purifiers on this list are from tier-one brands like Blue Star, Havells, Eureka Forbes, Faber, Kent, and Pureit.

List of Best Water Purifiers Under 15K & 20K:

To make the selection on our list today perfect and to deliver you with the best premium water purifiers under rupees 15K and 20K respectively we have accounted a couple of variables. The variables help choose the option that best suits your needs. These variables are namely Storage, Power consumption, Capacity, and Filtering technology, and other necessary details.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Blue Star Water Purifier Opulus

Image of best water purifier under 15000 from Blue Star

If you want an entry-level premium water purifier the Opulus from Blue Star is definitely worth considering.

The Opulus holds an 8L water storage unit. Thanks to this you get access to fresh and clean water each time every time. The Opulus is efficient enough. The technology that powers this water purifier is simply put amazing.

Firstly the filtration technology that is used onboard takes place in 7 stages. You get an external Pre-Filter, a Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, RO membrane, a UF membrane, a Post-Carbon filter with a built-in Aqua mineral infuser, and finally a UV lamp. What you get in the end are amazing results.

The ATB or Aqua Taste booster which uses a calcite media to enhance the taste of the water and enrich it with an optimum pH level.  The AMI is another great feature onboard. Thanks to this mineral like calcium and magnesium are added to the water that you drink making it beneficial for your health.

Finally, the copper impregnated activated carbon keeps smell and odor away from the water. The 48W power consumption is decent considering the amount of water the filter delivers. And the all-black paint job with silver accents delivers a great user experience overall.  Especially if you are looking for a premium water purifier under rupees 15K.

Pros & Cons of Blue Star Water Purifier

The 7 stages of water purification deliver amazing results.The jet black paint job might be a little plain for some people.
The AMI technology adds minerals to the water adding up to the health of the user.
The ATB technology onboard delivers optimum pH levels of water for consumption.

2. Faber Altroz RO+UV+UF+MAT Water Purifier

Image of Faber Altroz water purifier

If you are looking for a premium water purifier under the price of Rs. 15000 then considering the Altroz from Faber is definitely going to be worth it.

The Altroz comes with a massive 10L water storage capacity. This is in conjunction with the very decent water filtration output of 13.5L per hour. So now not only can get access to purified water every time you reach the purifier but you will have plenty stored in the reserve in the event of a power cut too.

The 9 stage water purification is simply put amazing. The water that you consume passes through processes like RO, UV, UF, MAT, and mineral so that you get sweet and safe drinking water out of this water purifier each time every time.

This water purifier is also equipped with copper guard technology. Thanks to this the technology provides an anti-fouling agent ensuring you get pure and hygienic water every time.

Finally with a mere 36W of power consumption for the amount of water it can deliver. The black paint job which only adds up to the aesthetics of the purifier this is probably one of the best premium water purifiers under the price of 15000.

Pros & Cons of Faber Altroz Water Purifier

A massive 9 stage water purification delivers great results.The water storage unit is non-removable.
The massive 10L water storage unit is simply put great.
The copper guard technology provides foul less and hygienic water.

3. Havells Max Water Purifier

Image of Havells Max water purifier

The Havells Max is another example of an entry-level premium water purifier that packs way more punch than what the price tag on under 14K has to offer.

Featuring a pretty decent 7L water storage unit the Havells Max will deliver water every time you need it. What sets the Max apart from most of the offerings from its class is the removable water tank. You can now empty all of the 7L at one go onto large containers for usage later on.

The water that you consume is passed through havells 7 stage water purification process. Not only this but havells also included a Mineralz cartridge and an Alkaline Taste Enhancer too. The Mineralz cartridge corrects the pH of the purified water and adds back all the necessary mineral which might have been filtered out.

The water purifier is also equipped with a revitalizer and an electrical protection system too. The revitalizer restructures the water molecule making it biologically more active to improve pH balance. While the electrical protection system ensures the safe usage of the purifier between 170V and 330V.

All in all with a very attractive looking design and a great color combination of blue and white the Havells max delivers through and through.

Pros & Cons of Havells Max water purifier

The 7L water storage unit is not only great for storage but is removable too.A slightly larger water storage tank could have been used.
The Mineralz cartridge delivers essential minerals making it much beneficial to your health.
The purifier can operate between 170V and 330V thereby making it safe from voltage fluctuations.

4. Kent Pearl Water Purifier

Image of Kent pearl water purifier

The pearl from Kent is an amazing example of beauty with brawls when it comes to premium water purifiers.

The Pearl comes with a very decently sized 8L of water storage tank.  What really nice is that the tank is removable too. This means that you can now transfer all the water directly into a different container or remove it for cleaning of the container itself.

The pearl comes with amazing technology in it for the best results possible. The pearl features multi-stage purification which involves technologies like RO, UV and UF. Not only this but you also get Kents patented mineral RO technology which retains essential minerals into the water you drink.

When it comes to preserving water the pearl does a pretty great job too. The new zero water wastage technology has a recovery rate of up to 50%. Now opposed to loosing 4-6 glasses of water you only loose 2 for every 2 glasses of drinkable water you get.

All in all, with an extremely attractive design and a host of great features, make this offering from Kent one of the best premium water purifiers around the rupees 16K mark.

Pros & Cons of Kent Pearl water purifier

The removable water tank is a great addition to the design queue.The use of a larger water tank would have been nice.
The mineral RO technology helps retain the minerals in the water.
The zero water wastage technology helps conserves water.  

5. Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier

Image of Blue Star Majesto water purifier

If you are looking for a premium water purifier around the price of Rs. 17000, going with the Majesto from Blue Star is the way to go.

The majesto is premium class water purifier which comes with a storage tank of 8L. This is great as you will have access to the water each time you reach out to the purifier. The tank is made up of food-grade plastic which means that the water which gets stored will be completely safe for you to consume.

The technology that filters the water passes through 6 stages of purification. This includes a Pre-Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, and finally a post-carbon filter. what’s even better is that it is also equipped with an ATB. Thanks to this your water are now not only safe to drink but also is great to taste.

The purifier also features copper impregnated activated carbon. Thanks to this all smell and odor are kept away from the water you drink.

Finally, with a very sleek and modern looking design along with a black paint job overall, the Majesto is definitely worth considering.

Pros & Cons of Blue Star water purifier

The 6 stage water purification system is amazing.The use of a removable water tank would have been much appreciated.
The impregnated activated carbon is great and keeps the water fresh and odorless.
The sleek design and black paint job simply put enhances the aesthetics of the purifier.

6. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance Water Purifier

Image of Eurekka Forbes water purifier

The Aquagard Enhance from Eureka Forbes probably is one of the best premium water purifier under the price of 18K and there are a couple of great reason as to why.

Firstly the purifier comes with a very elegant semi-transparent design.  The combination of navy-blue color and a white body are simply put amazing. The other thing which is amazing is the 7L of the storage unit which is amazing.

When it comes to the water purification of technology the Aquagard Enhance is packed to the brim. The water that you drink passes through 8 different stages of purification before it reaches you.  Namely an active copper cartridge, i-Filter, Chemi-Block, Mineral guard, RO cartridge, UV chamber, and the Ultra Filteration work all hand in hand to give you amazing results.

All in all with a 45W power consumption. An amazingly attractive design. And an overall amazing experience this is simply put great.

Pros & Cons of Eureka Forbes Water Purifier

The semi-transparent design is simply put amazing.A larger purifier than 7L could have been used.
The 8 stage water purification delivers great results.
Power consumption of 45W is great considering the size of the purifier.

7. HUL Pureit Ultima Nxt Water Purifier

Image of HUL Pureit Ultima NXT water purifier

If you are looking for one of the best premium water purifiers that checks all the boxes under the price of under rupees 20000. This offering from Pureit is definitely worth considering.

If we speak volumes then the Ultima simply delivers. With a water storage capacity of a massive 10L, you can simply put have all the water that you would need. What’s even better the Ultima is also equipped with a hands-free bottle free zone. Thanks to this bottle filling are as simple as placing it under the tap.

The purifier with the most storage capacity under 20K at 10L.

The Ultima not only excels in the water stage department but in the purification department too. The purifier comes with a 7-stage purification process which simply put delivers amazing results. The processes involve the passage of water from mineral cartridge which only enhances the taste of the water.

Another attractive feature about the Ultima is its aesthetics. The Ultima is probably one of the best looking premium water purifiers out there. The purifier comes with an extremely attractive all black and blue paint job design. Plus the purifier comes with an extremely attractive Digital Purity indicator.

The ultima overall simply put in one word delivers and you will not regret buying it.

Pros & Cons of Pureit Ultima Water Purifier

The massive 10L storage unit is simply put amazing.A removal water tank would have been much appreciated. 
The 7 stage purification process delivers great results.
The aesthetics of the water purifier is best in class.

8. KENT Superb Water Purifier

Image of Kent Superb water purifier

The Kent superb is probably one of the best premium water purifier under the price of Rs. 20K.

The Superb comes with a very decently sized 9L storage tank. The Superb also comes with a massive water output of 20+L per hour. That combined with the lasrge storaeg capacity simply put delivers you water every time you reach out for it.

The best premium water purifier under 20000

When it comes to the water purification process the water passes through RO, UV, UF and many other such techniques which simply put delivers clean and saef water for you and your family. The purifier comes also with the mineral RO technology that is a patented to Kent. This retains all the essential minerals in the purified water that you consume.

The purifier comes also with a digital display which reads the performance of the purifier. Details such as the mineral level, tank capacity and other such details which simply put delievrs a great experience.

With a total power consumption of 60W and an amazing experience overall, you will not regret buying this water purifier.

Pros & Cons of Kent Superb Water Purifier

The 9L water storage unit is simply put amazing.The plain white paint job does not add to the aesthetics of the purifier.
The 20+L per day of water output is great.
The digital display is amazing for observing the status of the purifier.

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